Telecom Asset Management
TAM specializes in:
  • Dark fiber & conduit assets

  • Bandwidth services --IP & private line

  • Data center space

  • Network mapping data

  • Market research

Sellers: TAM can help you increase sales and the profitability of your assets and services.
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Buyers: Knowing the market is our business. We can help you source from the right provider at the right price.
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About Us

Founded in 2002, Telecom Asset Management provides one-of-a-kind information, software tools, brokerage and consulting services to the telecommunications marketplace.

As the industry's premier brokerage for wholesale network infrastructure, Telecom Asset Management has been retained to assist clients buy and sell more than $500,000,000 of assets and services. What makes us unique is our blend of industry expertise, business and finance experience, and unparalleled market information.

Our industry-leading databases of US network infrastructure include more than 300 fiber optic networks, 100,000 fiber lit buildings, 250,000 wireless towers, ILEC central offices, serving wire centers, and more. In addition, we maintain a proprietary database of more than 2,000 registered, profiled industry professionals across 1,400+ organizations in 64 countries.

TAM uses these tools to provide an extensive array of consulting and valuation services, GIS data and mapping services, and proprietary market data that is unavailable elsewhere. Based on our transactional experience, we have developed a highly efficient business process to generate buy/sell opportunities for our clients, and to save them valuable time throughout all transactional phases. We furnish our clients with critical market information, thereby enabling them to make timely, informed business decisions that maximize the value of their assets and network expenditures. Simply put,

  • TAM helps buyers buy better - better solutions, at better prices, based on better information.
  • TAM helps sellers sell more - more assets, more services, to more customers, more cost-effectively.

Whether you are a carrier, service provider, asset owner, large enterprise, government entity, educational institution, or other large bandwidth user, TAM can help you achieve your sales, financial, and network engineering goals.

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